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Springhaven, Inc.

Serving the counties of:

Breckenridge, Grayson, Hardin, LaRue,

Marion, Meade, Nelson, and Washington

Crisis Line: (800) 767-5838

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Springhaven, Inc., an independent, non-profit program, offers 24 hour assistance seven days a week to anyone experiencing spousal/partner violence and their dependent children. Our services are provided at no cost to you.


  • 24-hour crisis line, (502) 769-1234 or toll free at (800) 767-5838.
  • Temporary lodging in a safe, secure facility for abused adults and their dependent children.
  • Skilled crisis and supportive counseling.
  • Legal and medical advocacy.
  • Information about and referrals for financial aid, employment, housing, medical assistance, and mental health care.


Community education and training programs on domestic violence and dating violence are available to interested groups and professionals.



What is Spouse/Partner Abuse?

Spouse and partner abuse refers to adults, married or unmarried, victimized by their partners. While studies show that the majority of abused partners are women, there are cases of male abuse as well. The abuse takes many forms and includes:

  • Hitting, punching, kicking or biting.
  • choking, burning, or stabbing.
  • Verbal insults and threats.
  • Threatening with weapons such as guns, knives or furniture.
  • Shoving, throwing objects.
  • Forced sexual relations.
  • Hair-pulling, slapping or shoving.
  • Destruction of personal property (clothes, sentimental items).
  • Torture or killing of family pets that causes mental anguish to the victim.

A person does not have to sustain injury severe enough to require hospital treatment in order to be considered a victim of domestic violence. If you are an abused adult, you are not alone. You have the right not to be beaten, threatened, or assaulted. You also have the right to seek temporary shelter and to bring your children with you.



Abuse and the Law

If your husband, ex-husband, or partner has hurt you or your children, you can get protection from the courts.

Domestic violence is a crime and Kentucky law allows a police officer to make an arrest without a warrant when the officer has reasonable grounds to believe that abuse has taken place and danger of further abuse exists.

Kentucky law (KRS 403) states that abused spouses/partners may file a petition in District court to seek emergency protective orders for themselves, their children and their common property.

There is no fee for filing the petition. If you cannot afford an attorney and want to file a civil case, (divorce, child custody),you can call the Legal Services Program nearest you and find out if you are eligible for free legal help.

KRS 209.030 states that any persons, including physicians, law enforcement officers, nurses, social workers or caretakers should report known or suspected cases of spouse abuse to the local Cabinet for Human Services Adult Protective Services Unit.



Effect on Children

Your children are being affected by the abusive environment in which they live. They are not learning positive things about people. A battering relationship teaches a child that love hurts and that if you love someone, that person will hurt you.

Children learn that the way to deal with anger is to hit someone and be violent. Children come to believe that control can be gained by anger and violent behavior.

They begin to believe that this is acceptable. Children learn to imitate the behavior of both the abusive and victimized parent(s).

Children in violent homes may be giving you signals about the effects of domestic violence on her/him:

  • Imitating violent behavior.
  • Excessive crying.
  • Overly dependent conduct.
  • Withdrawn or shy behavior.
  • Fear of adults, especially men.
  • Difficulty making friends.

If you are being abused, sooner or later your children will hurt, too, physically or emotionally. By helping yourself, you can help them.


The mission statement of Springhaven, Inc. is to provide shelter, support, outreach, education and advocacy to individuals and communities impacted by domestic violence.


Business Line:

(502) 765-4057


Volunteers are needed to assist the program.

Tax-deductible donations are always welcome.



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